I just started working on teaching myself sql and after completing the codeacadmey sql lessons, there are links to independant projects. My goal is to work on these independant projects in the coming weeks. To look ahead (and have a place to find them later outside my pocket list) here’s a list to all five I plan on working on: Watching the Stock Market Explore a Sample Database Education & Census Data Home Value Trends Analyze Airfare Data The first project has us working with stock market data.

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In my last post I showed how using the package httr, You can access the RateBeer API to get information about beers made by a brewery. When I left off, I showed a problem - the API only shows 10 beers at a time. Today, I’m going to show how we can get more beers at once. After that, I’m going to show how we can use the API, rvest, and purrr to get beers from all the brewers around me.

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A few months ago, I was talking with a friend of mine about the idea for this blog and how I wanted to use data science to explore beer. He suggested that I use the blog as well as beer to learn something new about where I live. So I ask, what can beer teach me about Philadelphia? The first thing I need? Data! Oddly enough, it’s actually pretty challenging to get access to high quality, current beer data.

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