A few weeks ago the wonderful RWeekly mailing list introduced me to a new type of plot - the point density plot. Wonderfully, the ability to make this plot has been added to the R community in the form of a new package, ggpointdensity. From the top line description, it’s a cross between a scatter plot and a 2D density plot. The motivation for creating the package and using this new plot is that the points in scatter plots can overlap one another while the alternative density plots lose the resolution given by plotting indiviudal points.

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Happy Little Accidents

This morning, I just found out about #tidytuesday and I figured it would be a fun thing to play with. For my first foray into tidytuesday, we have data on Bob Ross’s paintings during his show. The data were compiled by fivethirtyeight and reported here. The data are available here. On the info page for the data, they show how to load the data and give an example of some basic tidying.

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